Thursday, June 4, 2009

I wanted to post something on my blog since it is so new. I don't have any current pictures of scrapping related projects so I thought I would post my kids birthday cakes I made last year.
This first one is Domo. He is a character that my son fell in love with at Target last Halloween. You can see the real Domo and my cake version of him. My son loved his cake.
This next picture was of my other sons cake. He loves to play pool and wanted a pool themed cake. I decided to make cupcakes and make each one a pool ball. He thought this was the best cake ever.

My kids think I am a master cake maker. I know I'm not but it sure feels good to have their approval. :-)


KreatesKards said...

Great job on the cakes. Such fun to do something like this for someone special.

Anonymous said...

You mastered this one pretty good... I like it and now my taste buds are active... wanna try :)

Maria Snook said...

Really cute cakes! I love the monster cake!


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