Monday, November 30, 2009

Video #16 Mounting Unmounted Stamps

This video shows how to mount rubber stamps that you might receive unmounted.

This video features an adorable stamp from a new company that I am working with. They have fantastic prices. Check them out if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

As a nurse I always seem to have an endless supply of alcohol wipes in my pockets, which I don't mean to take home with me but seems to happen that way. I use them on my scissors when they get adhesive or gummy in any way, cleans them right off!

Thanks for the tutorial, I have been looking to unmount my stamps, and this looks extremely easy and I know will take up less room for storage! I don't have a ton of stamps, but I hope to add to my "collection" soon!

Lisa Sturgill

Sharon said...

Great tutorial. I use goo gone on my scissors when they get sticky. Works great and love the citrus smell. I'm now going to go look at more of your videos! :)


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