Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Video #20 Am I Addicted?

Hi guys.... no I didn't forget video #19. That will be posted on my blog soon.

For now I wanted to put a fun video that shows my paper addiction. What do you think? Do I have a problem. If I do, it's a problem I don't want help with :-)



Robyn said...

I love it!! Yes, I am addicted, too!


beanie said...

I have to say yes to much paper I could never find what I was looking for

Diane said...

I am right there with you! I could fill my store again with all my personal paper stock. I love paper!!!

Ya Buggin' Me said...

To much paper? That's like to much money. NOT POSSIBLE! I love paper and I'm so jealous looking at all of yours and feel like I need to go get more!

The Fillhard's said...

You can never have too much paper. I have an 8 foot shelf full of paper, a 5 foot shelf full of paper, two 3 foot shelves full of paper and a 6 foot shelf full of paper. I am addicted too, and the problem would be that I still am missing something when I go to do a project :)
Happy Paper collecting!

Jaime said...

LOL... You are too funny... you are definitely addicted, but I love it & I am glad I'm not alone... but you definitely have more than I do :) I just LOVE paper... you can really never have too much... and it always seems that I don't have the "right" color... how is that possible?
:) Jaime

Terrie said...

OK, Yes you are addicted to paper. I thought I had a lot of paper stock... now I don't feel so overwhelmed. I have limited my paper purchases as of late. A few sheets at a time as stacks don't really work for me. I do get sucked in to Tuesday morning and the American Craft packages for cheap.

Thanks for sharing and hope you are recovering.

paperscissors said...

seriously, you alone own alllll that paper? how do you use it? is it organized? or do you just buy more because you can't find anything because there is so much? do you do large orders of cards? i am just curious because i get overwhelmed and feel guilty if i have too much stuff! however i am not judging because at the same time i get great pleasure just looking and touching all the treasures in my craft studio, but it does keep me back from crafting because people have to be worthy of the good stuff!!! lol!! tfs!


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